Education and Training Consultancy and Placement Firm (ETCPF) Registration

Ownership Details

Educational detail of proponent/(s)

# Country Name of University/Institute Course Name Action

Proposed ETCPF information

Proposed (ETCPF) educational details*['Its to enter the universities/colleges/institutes collaboration with your agent']

# Name of University/Institute Country Action

Guarantor information details

Counsellor information details

Vision, mission, and objectives of the ETCPF*[' Proponent should provide a comprehensive statement of the vision, mission and objectives with particular references to the Guidelines provided ']

Attach document files*[' Relevant certificates of the counsellor,Proposal(Annexure III),Application(Annexure IV)']

I hereby declare that the information furnished herewith is true to the best of my knowledge. In the event of detection of false or misleading information, I confer herewith the absolute authority to BQPCA to take any action deemed appropriate. I also undertake to uphold the laws of the Kingdom of Bhutan and observe all accepted norms, codes and ethics of business. I hereby confirm and acknowledge that I have received information on the procedure for the establishment of ETCPF from the BQPCA officials.


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